No child should suffer

This is our one of the most ambitious but also difficult projects.

Often you may see or hear about the little children, who have urgent needs to get a medical treatment, because their life depends on it. Well, it’s not unusual to see this kind of things in Moldova either and because, of difficult economic situation in country, many parents can’t afford expensive medical procedures for their children that often cost from several thousands of dollars and up. As the result of this, children stay handicap forever of die.

Humanix has decided to raise the money and is asking for your help so that no child will suffer, because their parents are in a difficult economic situation.

We need your help! There is no goal, we can set for this project, because, the need is very big and we can’t say no to anyone. But, we hope to raise at least 150 000$ for this cause and your help is very appreciated.



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