Sponsor a child

It is not unusual to see in Moldova, children left with their grandparents because, parents went to other country to find a work. Grandparents have to not only take care of themselves with the small pension, but also feed and clothe grandchildren and it’s very difficult. For parents, who’ve decided that they have nowhere else to go is not easy eather… luck of job opportunities or proper education leaves them without any means to raise children in a proper conditions. Many of children in such families don’t eat properly and even can’t go to schools, because, parents cant buy them cloth or school books and supplies.

With your help of 35$, we can buy food package for children, that will ensure that at least, they have something to eat.

When you make a donation, we will send you the picture and the information about the child (boy or girl) that you’ll be supporting and an update every 6 month about them.

If you decide to join the program, we ask you to commit for at least 1 year, but we encourage you to continue supporting the child for as long as you can up to their 18-th birthday.



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